In order to have as many Asian Championship participants from Asia as we had before the Corona happened, we have decided to postpone the application date for foreign pairs by one week, until May 30.

We have been working hard during this Corona to strengthen our anti-Corona measures at all our tango events, but we felt that this was the year to do it right, so we consulted with the Japanese government and decided to postpone the application date by one week until May 30. However, there was another problem: when the participants entered Japan and returned to their home countries after all was said and done, they were not given visas. Many of them were still confined for several days before they were allowed to enter their respective countries.
 I know that the number of participants will not increase significantly over the next week, but I hope that some of them will come to Japan and participate in the conference as they did before the Corona. We have decided to postpone the deadline by one week in the hope that some of you will join us, as you did before Corona.

To all of you in Asia, I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and encourage as many couples as possible to participate.

It is our true desire to see the future development of tango dancing throughout Asia.

We would like to welcome as many participants as possible.



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