June 18, 2022 sat.
Shibuya Sakura Hall
Shibuya Ward Cultural Center Owada 23-21 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan

16:30 Open & Dance Time
18:00 Competition begins

Contestants wanted! (Limited to the first 50 leaders/followers each)
Entry fee 5000 yen

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Call for spectators!
Admission ticket (all seats unreserved) 2000 yen

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About “Milonguero Milonguera”
 In the Tango Dance Asia Championships, dancers compete in pairs, but in this event, dancers participate alone, and their partner is determined by a drawing of lots just before the day of the event. Leaders and followers will be judged individually.
 Audience voting will also be held at this event. The winner of the audience vote in the preliminary round (leader and follower, respectively) will advance to the finals.
 Your vote will be reflected in the results, so please participate!
 We want to make this a fun event. Please join us and make it a fun event!


Contestants and Eligibility

1)The pre-event “Milonguro Milonguera (Jack & Jill Style)” is a pre-event of the Asian Tango Dance Championships 2022 (hereinafter referred to as “Asian Championships”), operated and executed by the Asian Championships Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Executive Committee”).

2)The event will be held on June 18, 2022, the day before the Asian Championships, at Sakura Hall in Shibuya, the same venue as the Asian Championships.

■About Application for Participation

1)The entry fee for this event is 5,000 yen per person. Please note that entries are not by pairs, but by leaders and followers individually, and by one person only.

2)Those wishing to compete must

1. Apply using the dedicated entry form on the official website set up by the Executive Committee.
2.Make a wire transfer to the designated bank account listed on the entry form, or pay by credit card using the link for credit card payment.
3.Receive confirmation email from the Executive Committee after payment is confirmed.

The above shall constitute completion of the application.

Contact: latina@latina.co.jp

3) The deadline for application is 23:59 on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Payment of the entry fee must be made by bank transfer or settlement by 23:59 on June 15, 2022 (Wed.), the same day as the application deadline.

4)Contestants must be at least 18 years old as of Saturday, June 18, 2022 to participate. Both professionals and amateurs are eligible to participate.

5)Regardless of nationality or place of residence, as long as the participant meets the age requirement in 4) above, he/she is eligible to participate in the competition.

6)Enter whether you want to participate as a leader or follower when you sign up. Gender is not specified for leader or follower participation. By signing up, participants agree that they will not be identified by gender as a leader or follower.

7)Contestants must present proof of three doses of novel coronavirus vaccine or negative PCR test within 72 hours at the registration desk on the day of the competition.

8)Participation will be limited to the first 50 leaders and followers, respectively, and may be accepted on the day of the event if there are fewer than 50 participants.

9)Abandonment after the registration process is completed will be accepted only for justifiable reasons, but the entry fee will not be refunded.

10)The Executive Committee’s decisions regarding punishments and/or modifications will be announced as appropriate. For this purpose, an official website will be set up in an appropriate place, where contestants and judges must be informed before each step of the Executive Committee. This homepage will be the official announcement with effect for any modifications deemed appropriate. By filling out the application form, all Contestants are considered to have accepted this system. The official website will be located on the Asian Championships website (http://2022.campeonatoasiatico.com).

■About the Competition

1)Contestants will perform a total of three songs, one song each with different partners. Partners will be decided on the spot by the Executive Committee through a fair procedure such as drawing lots.

2)This event will consist of a) qualifiers and b) finals.

a) “Preliminary Round”: Contestants must participate at least once and perform 3 songs × 1 time.                       
b) “Finals”: Contestants selected from the Preliminary Round will participate and perform 3 songs × 1 time.

However, the number of appearances specified in this section is subject to change depending on the number of contestants.

3)If a pair cannot be formed within a ronda due to the number of contestants, a contestant from another ronda will serve as a pair supporter (substitute partner). However, in such a case, the pair supporter will not be considered for judging.

◾️About the Jury

1)The jury for this event will be selected by the Executive Committee. The selected jury will judge the competition.

2)Leader judges will judge the leader contestants and follower judges will judge the follower contestants.

3)The jury may exclude from the competition a) any contestant who violates the rules, or b) any contestant who is found to be in violation of manners or other conduct that may damage the image of the championship or disturb the spectators.

4)During the preliminary round, an audience vote will be held. One leader and one follower each will advance to the finals, reflecting the results of the audience vote.

5)Any doubts or objections must be communicated in writing (in Japanese, Spanish or English) to the Executive Committee and not directly to the jury.

6)The Executive Committee will properly resolve any inconvenience that may arise that is not addressed in these rules. If deemed necessary, the Executive Committee will publish its opinion explaining or interpreting these rules. In the event of a tie and the jury deems it necessary, the Competitor must perform again as required by the jury for the final decision. In case of a tie, the method of judging and the final decision will be based on the cumulative total of the points awarded by the respective judges.

7)In the finals, in case of a tie, the final ranking will be decided by the President of the Jury.

8)The jury must select a winner (champion) in each of the leaders and followers. Further prizes will be awarded to the runner-up and third place.

9)All judges will score according to the rules and all scores will be published.

◾️About the screening criteria

1)-A Una vez que se ha formado una pareja, no deben separarse mientras dure la música.La pareja no debe romper el abrasso (posición de baile del tango).-

B La posición correcta es aquella en la que los cuerpos de la pareja enfrentada se mantienen siempre en abrasión por el cuerpo del otro.Los abrasos pueden estirarse o contraerse en ciertas figuras, pero no pueden bailar aparte durante toda la pieza.

C Todos los movimientos deben tener lugar dentro del espacio del abrasso de los dos pares.

2) Los jueces se centrarán en el baile de la pareja al ritmo de la música y en su estilo de caminar (kaminata) como criterio de puntuación.

3) Se pueden realizar todas las figuras de uso común, incluyendo barridas, saccadas en el suelo, en rosquetas,gancho,boleo etc., dentro de los límites de los criterios de valoración aquí expuestos.

4) Queda totalmente excluido cualquier salto, levantamiento o cualquier otra cosa que pueda considerarse coreografía de tango escénico.

5) Las parejas deben moverse siempre en sentido contrario a las agujas del reloj, como en la pista de milonga. No deben obstaculizar el progreso de las parejas siguientes.

■About the Prizes
1) One winner, one runner-up, and one third-place finisher will be selected for each leader and follower.
2) The leader-follower winner, runner-up, and third-place finisher will each receive a certificate and a prize.
3) The leader and follower winners will be entitled to give a demonstration at the Asian Championships to be held the following day. The winners will consult with each other to determine whether or not they will actually give a demonstration.

■About Spectators

1) This event is open to spectators who do not have to compete, and the fee is 2,000 yen (tax included).

※The Championship Rules and Regulations are subject to change without notice. Please understand this beforehand.



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