Accreditations: September 6th, 7th and 8th.
Track Tango Qualifiers: September 9th and 10th.
Stage Tango Qualifiers: September 11th and 12th
Preliminaries Gala: September 13th (the champions must be in Buenos Aires on the morning of the 13th or earlier)
Semifinals Tango de Pista: September 14th
Stage Tango Semifinals: September 15
Day off: September 16th
Finals: September 17th

Oficial Site :

If you would like to participate in the World Championships, either as a participant or as a spectator, please read here.

1) Buy a air-ticket. Please make your arrangements as early as possible.

2) In Argentina, the value of the local peso is about half the value of the USA dollar; therefore, we recommend that you always choose to make hotel reservations by making a reservation only and paying locally.

It might also be a good idea to call when you make your reservation and ask if you will be paying in pesos? As of July 5, the official rate is 126 pesos to 1 dollar, and the Dolar Blue rate is 250 pesos to 1 dollar.

In short, paying in dollars is half the loss. Be sure to exchange money and pay at a cambio in town. However, do not use the standing money changers on the street (they approach you saying “cambio, cambio”) because they are dangerous and sometimes contain counterfeit money. However, be aware that many money changers are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Also note that credit cards are settled in official dollars, so do not use credit cards in Argentina. If you use it as a deposit at a hotel, be sure to confirm with the hotel that you will not pay with this credit card and that you will pay directly in pesos.

3) Then, calculate the amount of pesos you have and convert them into cash at the cambio as often as possible… It is a wise way to live. Then you will find that you can live quite cheaply when you do the math, whether it is shopping or eating. </p

4) Admission to the championship is free, but it is very hard to get a numbered ticket. Everyone is encouraged to get them as early as possible, either at the venue or at the designated location. The official website mentioned above will have information on where they will be distributed.

5) Buenos Aires, unlike the surface, is currently in the middle of a recession. Things are cheaper, but more dangerous. Try to avoid going alone as much as possible and don’t walk alone at night.

 At any rate, please enjoy yourself with at least this level of knowledge in mind. This year again, the finals will be held on a special stage under the Obelisco, the symbol of Buenos Aires. Last year’s event was a great success as well.



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