19 June, 2022

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AsianChampionship 2022

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AsianChampionship 2022

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AsianChampionship 2022

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AsianChampionship 2022


About us

Let’s Enjoy the best Asian Chamnpionship together

The 2019 Asian Cha,pionship is the most exciting yet, counting the highest number of participating couples from Asian countries. And yet, all country was plagued by corona infections, the 2020 event was cancelled, and last year was only for dance couples living in Japan.

This year, the worldwide corona outbreak has been under control, and even in Argentina, masks are no longer required outdoors. Tango events are more active than before in Argentina, Europe, USA, and of course Tokyo. Moreover, perhaps because we have overcome this long, patient and depressing period, we are seeing hot, tango activities everywhere. I am sure it is the same in your Asian countries.

This year, of course, we still need to carefully monitor the availability of Japanese visas for all Asian countries, but most countries should be easy to enter. We are also thinking of having more dancers from Argentina join the jury this year, as well as a few more from Asia. We would like to make the competition more fair, higher level, and more passionate. We can call it the Asian Championships only if everyone is there. We are looking forward to your participation.

Asian Championships Executive Committee

Categories of Competition

Asian Championships 2022 Competition Categories

This year, we will have the same three competition categories as before: Pista, STAGE, and SEÑOR. We are considering adding our own Mironnga and Walts divisions in the future, but this year we are going with the traditional three divisions because we place more importance on accuracy.


1 round, 6+10 pairs and from lined up on stage. 3 temas chosen by the DJ on the spot. Compete in improvised choreography according to the rules. The most competitive division in the world.


DivisionIn the Pista Division, one of the pair must be 50 years old or older to participate.


Each pair will express themselves quite boldly and freely to a song of their choice, while respecting the basic misery of tango dancing. This is the flowery section held on the last day of the World Championships.

Pista General Division and Pista Senor Division (open to professionals and amateurs)

1-1 Once a pair has been formed, they must not separate for the duration of the music.

The pair must not break the abrasso (tango dance position).

1-2 The correct position is one in which the bodies of the pair facing each other are always held in abrasso by the body of the other.Abrasos may stretch or contract in certain figures, but they may not dance one piece apart from the other for the entire piece.

1-3 All movements must be performed within the space of the abrasso of the pair.

(2) The judges will focus on the pair’s dancing style and the walking (camanita) style of the dancers as criteria for scoring.

(3) All commonly used figures may be performed, including barridas, floor saccadas, en rosquetas, etc., within the criteria listed here.

(4) Any leaping, lifting, or anything else that could be considered stage tango choreography will be completely eliminated.

5) Pairs must always move in opposite clockwise directions, as on the dance floor of the milonga. They must not obstruct the progress of the following pairs.

Stage Division” (open to any professional or amateur dancers)

(1) Allows performers to demonstrate their unique perspective on tango dance. This allows for the use of movements and techniques unrelated to traditional tango.

2) It allows the performer to break out of the abrasso and use techniques derived from other dance rules if there is a valid reason and it is effective for the performance.

3) The judging panel will take into account the following parameters Dance choreography (creation or re-creation) / retention of tango essence / use of stage space / dance and posture techniques / physical and spatial lineation / synchronization of pairs / dance effects / interpretive expression / musical accuracy (relaxed or music = dancer = style) Costume and Make-up

2022 Pre-event

2022 Pre-event 
Milonguer0 Milonguera “Jack & Gill style”

 Although the above three categories are official events of the Asian Championships, the “Jack & Jill” style milonguero milonguera, which is often performed in Buenos Aires, will be held at Sakura Hall in Shibuya on the evening of June 18, the day before the Asian Championships, as a pre-event of the Asian Championships.

 The “Jack and Jill” style is a competition in which participants are not paired, but rather compete as individuals, changing partners for each song. Leaders and followers are judged individually. Pairs are determined by drawing lots at the last minute. In recent years, tango dance competitions have begun to incorporate this method.

※The “Jack & Jill” system was proposed by Jack Carey at a swing dance competition in Southern California in the early 1950s, and the English term “Jack & Jill” means “male-female pair.

*Details on how to enter and tickets are announced here.

Congratulation to the Tango Dance Asia Championships 2022
Argentine Ambassador in Japan
Guillermo Hunt

What a pleasure it is for me, as Argentine Ambassador to Japan and tango lover, to be able to welcome a new edition of the Asian Tango Dance Championship!

I am proud to say that it is an honor for me to be able to represent Argentina in Japan and to reside in the city that I consider as the second capital of tango in the world, Tokyo. A capital that has been vibrating for decades to the rhythm of Argentine tango.

In spite of the geographical distance that separates us, there are many ties that unite Argentines and Japanese, as the vigorous Nikkei community in my country can attest. But definitely, tango as intangible heritage of humanity, as declared by UNESCO in 2009, is an artistic expression that transcends borders and unites us like few others.

In light of this, I would like to reiterate my joy and that of all of us who work at the Embassy for being able to collaborate with this Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo. And I believe that this year’s edition is particularly special because at this time when we seem to be seeing the end of the pandemic that has caused so much pain, a music and dance like tango, which always invites us to embrace and look each other in the eyes, can help us to fix our gaze on the horizon and inspire us to think and work together.

I would like to wish the participants and jury members a great contest and enjoy the competition. You can now travel and compete in Argentina, as we have lifted all entry restrictions, so we are looking forward to seeing you there.

I cannot fail to congratulate and thank Mr. Kenji HONDA and the staff of the company under his leadership, Latina Co. Ltd., for their dedication and professionalism in spreading tango as Argentine music and dance in Japan.

Best wishes to the artists who make the Championship possible.

©Time Out Tokyo

Entry Qualification

We look forward to many participants from Asia.

Last year’s championship was only for couples in Japan, but this year, we will return to our normal competition, so many couples living in Asia will be able to participate.

The venue for the World Championships in Buenos Aires has been changed to a special stage under Obelisco for the finals, and we hope to make the Asian Championships more exciting with the participation of many tango people from Asian countries. This year we are planning to have the Buenos Aires judges participate remotely, so please come out and join us!

Entry Fee  ¥15,000(per Couple= fee & 2 seats)

Participants and Eligibility

(1) The cost to participate in the Asian Championships is

15,000 yen per pair for one division and entry fee for a pair.

This includes the entry fee and two reserved seats. However, the fee for participation in both Stage and Pista (Señor) divisions will be 28,000 yen.

2) Those who wish to enter the Asian Championships are required to transfer the entry fee by filling out the form on this website. After payment is confirmed, the application will be completed with a confirmation e-mail from the Executive Committee. The deadline for entry is as follows

※Participants from overseas: Monday, May 23, 2022, 18:00

※Participants residing in Japan: Monday, June 6, 2022, 18:00

3) Contestants must be at least 18 years old on the day of the Asian Championships. There are no gender restrictions for pairs at the Asian Championships, and everyone is free to choose their partner.

4) No individual may apply to compete in the same division of the Asian Championships more than once. However, they may apply for another division with the same or another partner.

(5) Non-Asian and non-Oceanian nationals may participate only if they have lived in Asia or Oceania for at least three (3) years. However, Argentinean nationals may participate only if paired with a partner who is not an Argentinean national. Contestants who fall under the above categories will be required to submit documents proving their residency after applying to participate.

Countries Eligible to Participate in the Asian Championships….

(6) The countries eligible to compete in the Asian Championships are as follows

Asia : Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Laos Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Syria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tajikistan, East Timor, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen

Oceania : Australia, Fiji, Marshall Islands Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Micronesia, Nauru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu

However, if a country has been banned entry by the Japanese government, or has suddenly decided to ban entry, we will announce it in the Latest News section of this site.

(7) Staff members of the World Championships Secretariat, Asian Championships organizers, judges of the World Championships and Asian Championships, persons associated with corporations sponsoring the Asian Championships, and individuals temporarily or permanently associated with the World Championships or Asian Championships are not eligible to compete in the Asian Championships.

(8) The data entered at the time of entry is considered a pledged declaration. In the event of discrepancies in these data, the Asian Championships Executive Committee will determine point deductions, disqualification, or other penalties.

9) All participants must declare the specifics of any teacher-student or business relationship they have had with a judge dating back 45 days from the date of the Asian ChampionshipJudges will not be able to grade the student or the person with whom they have had a business relationship. And their ranking will be determined by dividing the total of the remaining scores by the number of judges who participated in the judging. (e.g., if you have received dance instruction from one of the judges or attended a workshop organized by one of the judges within the past 45 days, this clause will apply. This does not apply to participation in a milonga organized by a judge without being associated with the organizer).

10) Abstentions after the completion of the application process will only be accepted if there is a valid reason, but the entry fee will not be refunded.

11) Decisions of the Asian Championships Executive Committee regarding penalties or changes will be announced as appropriate. For this purpose, an official notice board will be set up at the appropriate location(Latest news), where Contestants and the judging panel must be informed prior to each phase of the Asian Championships. This bulletin board will serve as the official notice with effect for any modifications deemed appropriate. By filling out the application form, it is assumed that all contestants approve of this system. The official bulletin board(above Latest news) is the Official Notice Board of the Asian Championships.

Entry Fee and Spectator Fee

Entry fee

¥15,000 (per couple, per division, including seating fee)

*To prevent COVID infection, all contestants will have a reserved seat. The entry fee includes the seat fee.

*Entry fee for contestants entering two divisions is 28,000 yen.

Deadline Date and Time for participants not requiring a visa :

June 09 (mon) , 2022,18:00

Deadline Date and Time for participants requiring a visa :

June 03 (fri) , 2022,18:00

Remarks to enter into Japan:

*For contestants visiting Japan from overseas, after we receive applications and confirm the receipt of payment, a participation certificate with the entry No. will be sent to you. Once you receive it, please apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country together with that participation certificate and documents indicating your participation in this tournament. Documents required for visa application may differ slightly from country to country, so each participant should contact the embassy or consulate where he/she will apply for the visa. Please send us e-mail when your VISA is issued. Once the visa is issued, you will need to take a PCR test within 72 hours prior to your departure flight to Japan and obtain a test certificate to board an airplane. Please consult with the embassy or consulate of your country regarding other entry conditions into Japan. If you have any documents to be prepared on the Japanese side to obtain a VISA, please contact us.

*For payment, we will send a link to your e-mail address within one or two days after receipt of the application. We will accept payment by credit card only. Please note that entry fees are non-refundable once the participation certificate has been issued.

 Remarks to enter into Sakura Hall:

As of Apr 24th 2022, it is not required for contestants to show either proof of negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination. However, subject to change in regulations (determined by the government of Tokyo Metropolis), contestants for the Asian Championships may be required to present those proofs at the entrance of Sakura Hall.

*If you are infected with COVID upon entering Japan or during your stay in Japan, you may be required to wait in a quarantine facility and incur the cost of hospitalization. As all participants in the Asian Championships are responsible for any COVID infection, we recommend that each participant purchase medical insurance in advance.

 Spectator Ticket ¥4,900  (tax included, all seats reserved)

※The entry fee for contestants includes spectator seats for two persons, but if you would like additional spectator tickets, please contact LATINA. 


Maxi Lopés

  He works as a producer in festivals, performing arts, shows and events. Throughout his career he has developed theatrical shows, mainly in Musical Theater in which he has also played the role of assistant director, stage manager and assistant director. These theatrical projects have taken him around Argentina and other parts of Latin America. 

He worked as coordinator and producer of sporting events for Ice Skating, where he also worked as controller and operator of computer systems for national and regional competitions, working with judges from the United States, Canada and Europe. 

He currently coordinates the executive production team for Festivals and Central Events of the City of Buenos Aires. In this role he is also part of the organization, coordination and production of TANGO BA Festival and Mundial de Tango, among other festivals that take place in the City, related to different disciplines such as Film, Dance, Theater, Music, etc.

Hisao Iizuka

He has served as General Director of NTT Learning Systems, General Director of NEC Biglobe, and Vice President of Tokyo Institute of Technology, but in fact, he has been a consistent lover of Argentine tango since his youth and is well known for his research. Although he seems to prefer classical tango, he has recently been visiting Argentina frequently and is well versed in local information.

He is currently the president of the Japan Tango Academy and the president of the Argentine Tango Federation of Japan (FJTA). He has written many articles for specialized magazines, including “Monthly Ibero America Music,” “Monthly Latina,” and “webmagazineLATINA” etc..

Mimi Pinzon

The finest costume label of Viviana, a famous dancer who also serves as a judge at the World Championships.It is the most favorite costume in tango shows around the world!


Tango shoes by Mimi Pinson designers. The company exports to Europe, the United States and other parts of the world. It is also an important sponsor of the World Championships.

Comme Il Four

The highest quality product of shoes is this comme il four. These shoes have long been popular in Europe and the United States, and are sold as high-end products in Japan as well, but are now available at a low price in Latina.

Neo Tango

Neo Tango is the most loved and most distributed shoe manufacturer in Buenos Aires. The owners are part of a famous music family and have recently built a new factory to further expand their business.

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